1st Year | BA (Hons) Popular Music

During their first year on the BA (Hons) Popular Music degree, students will study four core modules: Introduction to the Music Industries, Popular Music Genres, Musicianship and Production and the History of Popular Music. These core modules will provide an introduction to key aspects of the music industry, whilst preparing students for further specialised study in the areas they are most passionate about. Students benefit from a variety of extra opportunities including guest lectures delivered by industry professionals, and performance opportunities at renowned venues across London (e.g. Camden Assembly).

MUS1057 Introduction to the Music Industries 

This module provides an overview of the music industries, principally in the sectors of recording, publishing, live music and management. Students will develop their understanding of related roles (A&R, marketers, managers, publishers, agents, promoters and administrators) to gain a broad-based understanding of contemporary issues and practices.

MUS1095 Popular Music Genres

This module develops students knowledge of the musical and lyrical characteristics of popular music genres in order to create a firm foundation for further study and to inform students practice as musicians and songwriters. The porous nature of genres will be covered, alongside style, repertoire and interpretation. Students will develop the ability to work effectively as part of a team, which is crucial to working within the profession as well as a core transferable skill, performance, musicianship and critical listening, and the ability to analyse and reflect upon their own practice.

MUS1096 Musicianship & Production

This module introduces a range of fundamental musical concepts and skills. Students will learn to “think in sound,” which is an essential ability in the development of effective and rewarding practical musicianship. Students will also explore techniques and procedures in digital and acoustic audio environments, allowing them to integrate such tools into their own practices.

MUS1098 History of Popular Music

This module enables students to acquire an understanding of the historical, cultural, social, economic, technological and aesthetic trends that shaped developments in popular music in the 20th century, gain knowledge of the ways that popular music was performed and heard during the 20th century, and develop an understanding of approaches to popular music’s history.

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