3rd Year | BA (Hons) Music

During their 3rd year on the BA (Hons) Music programme, students are offered a wide choice of modules (courses) to enable them to specialize in musical areas of their choosing. Only the Contemporary Music Studies module is compulsory. Students can opt continue to study music composition and/or performance. There is a particular focus on assisting undergraduates to develop an individual voice as a musician, to enable them to stand out from the crowd, in a competitive musical world.

MUS3076 Contemporary Music Studies

This module presents specialist studies of contemporary musical styles through analysis of a range of works, genres, repertoires, and related musicological theories. Taking its starting point as the mid twentieth century, the module examines modernist, postmodernist and neo-modernist trends in relevant musical, cultural and philosophical contexts.

  • Assessment is by essays.

MUS3060 Collaborative Performance & Composition 2

This module is aimed at enabling students to develop composition and/or performance work at an advanced level with collaboration as a central focus. Composition students engage directly with performers, both individually and in ensembles. Performers work with composers: both engage with a number of genres and media as a means of enhancing sophisticated creative and conceptual practices, and developing professional artistic identities.

  • Assessment for performers is by ensemble and solo performance of a balanced programme with credits and notes. Those students opting for composition are assessed by folio of new works with written notes and credits.

MUS3065 Music for Dance & Theatre

This module is for students who, having acquired some fluency in composing, performing and/or or arranging music, are interested in exploring the possibilities of developing their musical practice in the area of stage performance. Specific opportunities for meeting and collaborating with parallel peer groups in Dance choreography and Theatre Arts are provided, although students need not be limited to these and may also develop their own collaborative projects in (for instance) operatic work or music theatre. Critical and contextual study supports practical work with relevant theory and repertoire.

  • Assessment is by live production of music original or arranged, combined with theatre or dance + a written project on processes and techniques.

MUS3077 Community Arts & Music Education

The primary aim of this module is to enable students to affect positively the musical development of a community or individual(s). This is achieved through the planning and delivery of participatory musical activity within a specific community-based or pedagogical context. Practical facilitation techniques and theoretical literature are explored. Successful students will have developed sophisticated creative and interpersonal skills. On completion of the module they will be well-placed to start working professionally in the sector, and/or undertake further study (e.g. a PGCE or community arts masters’ degree).

  • Assessment is by commentary, diary and report from a mentor.

MUS3064 Music for Film, Animation & TV

This module is designed to cultivate to a sophisticated level, an understanding of the history of film music, particularly in the West and the aesthetic concerns which can be brought to bear in composing music for screen. The ability to compose appropriate music for media productions with effectiveness and relative speed are also tested. Students are introduced to contractual aspects of media music composition to become familiar with professional business practices in music.

Collaborations enable students to build working relationships with students on other, related degree programmes.

  • Assessment is by live performance of original composition to picture and a varied folio of film music composition synchronized to picture (with spotting notes). There are opportunities for collaboration with students on the film, TV or animation degrees. Students also complete a short test on fil music contracts and commissioning.

MUS3055 Independent Project

This module furthers knowledge, understanding and skills in a student’s particular area of interest, whether arising from prior learning or enabling the pursuit of interests not other otherwise catered for in taught modules. The student’s project aims are defined in an assessed proposal.

  • Assessment types and criteria are defined by the student in consultation with the teaching team.