1st Year | BA (Hons) Music

During their first year on the BA (Hons) Music programme, students study music history to begin to understand where the musics of today have come from. There is a course in which students collaborate as composers and performers. Harmony and musicianship classes are offered in which students learn about chord structure, melodic working and how musical styles are formed. Music Technology and Production covers the basics of electronic music from scratch, as well as the use of internet technologies, to empower student musicians to market and distribute their music independently, online.

Modules generally comprise a weekly lecture or workshop. Students can book tutorials with teaching staff to discuss their work individually.

MUS1056 Concepts in Music History

This module is designed to lay a firm foundation for the study of music through the consideration of a range of specific musical concepts. These are examined through the study of western art music repertoire from 1300 to ca 2000, and popular music from 1920 to ca 2000. The module enables the student to develop: aesthetic knowledge and understanding of Western repertoire, and of popular music of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries; knowledge of music history from these periods; an understanding of ideas of canon formation, historiography, reception theory, and related cultural concepts; an understanding of aesthetic, stylistic and sociological concepts in music.

  • Assessment is via production of a listening portfolio and two, end-of-term essays.

MUS1060 Performance & Composition Projects

This module is designed to develop in students a practical, working understanding of the complex relationship between original composition and performance. Students will be guided in the composition and performance of newly-composed and pre-existing solo and chamber works to develop their musical abilities. Individual instrumental lessons in the student’s main instrument are given.

  • Assessment is via a folio of compositions, solo and chamber music performance.

MUS1058 Harmony & Musicianship

This module is designed to (i) lay a firm foundation in musical harmony and its notation, and (ii) refine students’ musicianship skills. Students will be enabled to develop a working understanding of key features of harmony in the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods; a range of styles and techniques from the 20th century and analytical skills as they relate to formal principles in music from studied works. Musicianship skills developed will include keyboard or guitar techniques: sight-reading, score reading, aural transcription (rhythmic, melodic and harmonic), aural analysis and music notation.

  • Assessment is via musicianship and aural skills tests and harmony exercises.

MUS1059 Music Technology & Production

This module is designed to develop in the student an understanding of, and technical facility with, electronic technology for generating, altering, developing and enhancing music in composition, production and performance. The use of internet technologies are also covered for the marketing and distribution of music.

  • Assessment is by viva voce, solo electronic music composition with quadraphonic spatialization, live group electroacoustic performance and an independently-produced online research wiki.

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