2nd Year | (BA (Hons) Music Business & Arts Management

During their second year on the BA (Hons) Music Business and Arts Management programme, more specialised modules enable students to develop the knowledge and skills needed to deal with the business and legal implications of the music and cultural industries. To offer the best specialist training, most modules are taught exclusively to BA (Hons) Music Business and Arts Management students. Others are shared with students of Music, Popular Music and Jazz, enabling a wide variety of music to be covered and nurturing collaboration across the Music Department.

MUS2066 Live Music Industry

This module enables students to gain an advanced understanding of the development, structure and systems employed by the live music industry. It develops critical understanding of the impact of live music markets in local and international arenas, from small venues to international tours and festivals. It also enables students to critique the contemporary role of live music in the promotion and development of an artist’s career and to examine the interplay of agents, promoters, managers and salient organisations across the industry.

  • Assessment is via a report on the live music industry in the twenty-first century, and a group-managed event and individually written report and diary.

MUS2810 Music Entrepreneurship

This module aims to develop knowledge of the music industries, with a specific focus on entrepreneurship. Such issues are particularly important to those intending to launch a company of their own, or to self-manage and/or self-release, but will also be relevant to those intending to work for an existing company ­ within the music industries or beyond. Students will work on a live case study of a music business, as well as planning their own music-related business, working both autonomously and in groups.

  • Assessment is via a pitch of a music-related business, and an essay.

MUS2075 Principles of Arts Marketing

This module develops previous learning in music marketing by introducing more advanced issues in their practical and theoretical principles. It provides an evaluative overview of salient economic, promotional and developmental concepts to equip students with the appropriate language and tools of music marketing and communications. Such learning will enable students to develop an understanding of how to create robust marketing and promotional campaigns.

MUS2057 Music and Culture

This module aims to examine the relationship between music and culture exploring its nature, meanings, forms and implications. Drawing on a range of theoretical frameworks and research methodologies (cultural studies, gender theory), students will examine key domains of cultural music production to understand the ways in which these domains have been constructed and to develop the skills necessary to analyse such forms.

  • Assessment is via a presentation and two essays.

MUS2058 Music Journalism

This module aims to explore the key principles of music journalism and to develop practical skills in interviewing and writing reviews, features, biographies, website content and promotional material. Students will also explore the history of music journalism and its possible future. As well as those considering a career in music journalism, either full-time or as part of a portfolio career, the module will appeal to students who would like a greater understanding of working with the press from an artist’s perspective.

  • Assessment is via production of a feature profile, and either a portfolio of live/record reviews or programme notes and a biographical profile.

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