1st Year | BA (Hons) Music Business & Arts Management

During their first year on the BA (Hons) Music Business and Arts Management programme, students take four compulsory modules to lay the foundations for further specialised study. Students gain an overview of the different sectors of the music industries and the related roles within them. Another course develops students’ management skills by providing the opportunity to work together in small groups to organise and deliver a live music/arts event for a client. Students learn the fundamentals of contracts and copyrights in the music and cultural industries, and are encouraged to develop their critical thinking academic study skills.

MUS1057 Introduction to the Music Industries

This module provides an overview of the music industries, principally in the sectors of recording, publishing, live music and management. Students will develop their understanding of related roles such as A&R, marketers, managers, publishers, agents, promoters and administrators, to gain a broad-based understanding of contemporary issues and practices.

  • Assessment is via a report and an essay.

MUS1054 Managing Arts and Music Projects

This module introduces arts management through the production of a range of arts and music projects. Drawing on arts management, event management and project studies, the module will use a range of practical and theoretical approaches to build up the knowledge and skills needed to conceptualise, plan, finance and manage commercial and subsidised small-scale music and arts projects.

  • Assessment is via an illustrated presentation, and production of two portfolios.

MUS1155 Music Contracts and Copyrights

This module provides an introductory study of contracts and copyrights in the music and cultural industries. Analysis of historical and contemporary conditions across various industry sectors, genres and territories offers students a theoretical background upon which to develop practical skills appropriate to recording, publishing, arts administration, management and agency.

MUS1061 Critical Thinking about Music

This module encourages critical thought about music, musicians and composers. It takes the convergence of two topics—the cultural industries and music history—to develop understanding of music’s social function, music aesthetics, approaches to music criticism, cultural modernism, and music as a collaborative art. It also covers academic study skills and provides opportunities to reflect on and advance budding professional and scholarly development, laying a solid foundation for further study and practice.

  • Assessment is via a reflective diary and an essay.

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